We're Getting Innovation All Wrong

Why do most innovation programs fail?

Smart leaders know they need to change and innovate, but their efforts just don't get traction.

I speak to a lot of leaders in organisations about innovation, and I reckon we're getting this whole innovation thing wrong.

And it's not because of these things:

  • Change for the sake of change (“shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic”)
  • No management buy-in for the change
  • A toxic workplace culture

Even in a positive workplace, where people find their work interesting and would engage in innovation or change, they just don't!

Discover the missing piece that dooms most innovation programs to failure.

Download the free report "Think Sharper" and you will learn:

  • Why most innovation programs don't work
  • How to add a crucial first step before you start any innovation or change program
  • How to make innovation a habit - not a burden - in your team and organisation
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